Q-plus Bridge

Q-plus Bridge 10.1

Play the Bridge game locally on your PC

Plays three hands controlled by the AI while the user controls the South cards with additional configuration included. Supports playing a large number of deals and uses the one in Paris Tournament as a reference to generate new ones. Includes a comparison mode for the hands and simulation for user bids.

Q-plus Bridge is a program for playing the game of bridge on your PC. Usually it plays three hands, while the user plays the South cards. But other configurations are also possible. On the next pages we start by explaining the value of Q-plus Bridge; then on the Q-plus Bridge Tour you can explore the program features in more detail and get an impression how to use it. Q-plus Software GmbH cannot gives away this program as free- or shareware. However, a demo version is available here for you to download. This enables you to familiarise yourself with Q-plus Bridge and to play 52 different deals.

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